by Tina on November 26, 2012

I remember in high school and college studying days, when I was supposed to be studying something, I would do ANYthing to avoid doing the actual work I was supposed to be doing. Anything. I would make up my bed, or clean my room, or pick clothes up off the floor – anything – to avoid THE thing I was supposed to be doing. (This was BEFORE I liked things organized.)

And, now that I’m “all grown up”, it still happens. If I’m supposed to be doing laundry, or cleaning the kitchen, or doing some writing, I will do ANYthing to avoid doing the actual work I am supposed to be doing.

Right this second, I’m supposed to be reading my Bible study lesson, which I want to do, and these thoughts came to me about my procrastination. So, I tried recording a voice memo on my phone, intending to get right back to my lesson. But, I must have tapped the red button twice, because when I thought I tapped it to stop, it started recording. So, when I replayed the recording, all I heard was my disgusted realization of what had happened, “….. Really????” 🙂

So, I decided to go to the office to type these important notes into the computer before they were lost forever. I got up from my recliner in the family room, and I realized I was out of water. Filled my trusty tumbler with fresh, cold, fridge door water. Checked my phone to see if my Mom had answered a recent text. Nope. So, I texted her, “Helloooooo.” She immediately responded, “Hello.” Thus began a series of texts which eventually left me sitting here in front of the computer, with my bible study lesson and my fresh water, trying to remember why I came to the office. (ADHD probably an issue, also.)

What is up with my crazy procrastination style? What is at the root of my personal rebellion, even against tasks I’ve selected?

I’m reading in Genesis about the cycle of God revealing Himself to us, our rebellion, our seeking our own way apart from Him, His judgment and mercy, and His preserving a remnant and providing a way back to Him. It’s a beautiful picture of a loving, holy God.

Oh, but there are consequences. Consequences to my procrastination, my personal rebellion, my seeking my own way apart from Him. And, they are painful.

But, I’ve found that He sticks around even for that part, too. He comforts me, even when my sin has put me where I am, in a big mess. That same Bible study framed it well, “God limits sin.”

Well, thank goodness. Or, there’s no telling how far off His path I would be. Thank you, Lord, for limiting my sin. Help me to do better.

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