Organizing Your Energy Level

by Tina on August 12, 2010








My energy level is lower than usual today. I am thinking back over my schedule to see what might have gotten my energy train off its tracks:

  • two days since I exercised
  • four nights of about 25% less sleep than usual
  • high-fat-but-very-tasty fast food breakfast sandwich this morning

Yep, that’ll do it! Why do we sabotage ourselves with poor choices when we KNOW better? Well, many of us know better. If you don’t know better, the Keys to Health are really simple :

  • Regular Exercisecardio, weight bearing, and flexibility
  • Great Fuel – eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains; supplement with vitamins
  • Real Downtime8 hours of sleep to give your body time to repair itself

Just like decluttering and organizing, the Keys to Health are simple. But, for many of us, consistent implementation is not easy. Here are some implementation tips:

  1. Pick an area of focus (exercise, fuel, or downtime)
  2. Pick a task in that area of focus (30 minutes cardio three times a week, trade soda for water once a day, in bed by 10 p.m.)
  3. Put the task on your schedule (paper calendar, Blackberry, iPhone…) for a week, including a reminder
  4. Just do it
  5. Reward yourself (with something healthy)
  6. Evaluate how you felt and adjust if necessary (different time, different exercise, etc.)
  7. Schedule the task (or revised task) for Week 2
  8. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. (Add a new task each week.)

Pretty soon, you’ll wake up one morning, and you’ll have a whole set of great health habits that are “just what you do.” You can do this.

“…Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!” 1 Samuel 25:6 (New International Version)

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