How Kids Can Organize Their Own Rooms

by Tina on August 16, 2010

(No parents allowed in this post today. It is for the kids (and teenagers) only.) Tired of hearing your parents gripe about your room? You won’t believe how easy it is to keep them off your back. Here are four little known secrets to the sweet life of no nagging.

  1. Make your bed right after your feet hit the floor. Most beds these days have comforters. So, just throw your pillows to the top of the bed, and pull the comforter straight over them. This makes all the difference in the way people (including parents and friends) think of you and your space.
  2. Put your dirty clothes in the same one spotlaundry basket, laundry chute, hamper, or in a pile at the bottom of the closet. As long as they are contained in one area, the rest of your room looks so much neater.
  3. Put your trash in the trash can twice a day. Before school and before bed, take a quick look around the room. If there is any random trash lying around, just make sure it’s in the trash can. Make a game out of it. See how many points you can make. (Remember food trash needs to go to the kitchen trash can. If it stays in your room, critters want to live there with you.)
  4. IYGIOPIB, pronounced iggy-o-pib, which means, “If You Get It Out – Put It Back”. This is soooooo easy! When you finish playing or working with one item, put it back before you get out the next item. If you do this, you’re never more than one item away from a clean room. Isn’t that great news?

There you have it. Less than five minutes out of your regular day, and you’ll be amazed at how peaceful it is at your house. And, it’s all up to you. You can do this.

“…and the land was spacious, peaceful and quiet.” I Chronicles 4:40 (New International Version)

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