Treadmills, Laptops and Social Media

by Tina on March 29, 2010

Work Walking: I desperately need to get into a regular exercise routine. I have a nice treadmill. I love to spend time on the laptop learning, posting, friending, tweeting, linking, etc. So, what did I have to lose? …. Wait for it…. POUNDS!

I have found recent inspiration from two very cool Professional Organizers, Geralin Thomas (Twitpic) and Lorie Marrero (blogpost), and I decided to try out Work Walking for myself.  Emotional Computer is another place which is work checking out for more information on how you handle your laptops and other devices. I composed this blogpost to you from the set up in the pictures shown below.

I located the most stable “tabletop” I could find – my now 16-year-old son’s growth chart that was hiding in the closet (narrow but worked for a first try). Lorie’s 2008 blogpost recommended a towel underneath for stability and to make sure that your “emergency stop” lead would still work properly with your setup. And, like Lorie, I found that 2 MPH is a good pace for my initial steps and work. And, now, I’m Work Walking! Feels good. Guilt-free. Productive. And, I’m working toward my health goals instead of away from them (e.g. laptop from couch or desktop from office chair).

(Yes, I know that should be water, not a Diet Coke. Baby steps…) Please, please be careful. Try this at your own risk. I’ll report back in to let you know how it’s going.

Thanks to Lorie and Geralin for giving permission to use their information in this blogpost. For a 2010 tech update to Lorie’s 2008 blogpost above, click here. And, Geralin provided this link to a multitude of other pictures of Work Walking setup ideas.

So, what do YOU think about Work Walking?

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