Manage Your Mail Part 2, System Implementation

by Tina on March 18, 2010

Now that you have your mail management area set up, here are:

7 Easy Steps to Manage Your Mail in 2 Minutes a Day

  1. Take today’s mail stack to the place you decided to manage your mail.
  2. Please don’t open any envelopes yet.
  3. Scan the mail stack once.  If  you recognize any junk mail immediately, place these items into the Recycle/Trash holder UNLESS it has any identification information on it.  Those go in the Shred holder.
  4. BONUS: It will help you in the long run to make a Prevent holder for the unwanted mail that you receive that you can prevent from crossing your threshold in the future.  Once a month, go through the Prevent holder and call or email the company responsible to have your name removed from their solicitation list.  You will be surprised at how much this will reduce your unwanted mail six months from now.)
  5. Scan the mail stack a second time.  Pull out the items that you want to read (magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, etc.).  Discard any plastic wrapping, and place the items in the Read holder.
  6. Scan the mail stack a third time.  Pull out the bills. Open each outer envelope, and place it in the Recycle/Trash holder. If you pay bills online or in person, place any return envelopes in the Recycle/Trash holder. If you need the return envelope for snail mailing your payment, paper clip it to the bill.  Place them in the Bill holder.
  7. Continue scanning the stack for your other categories.  Place them in their respective holders.

Congratulations! You did it! Remember to schedule regular intervals for how often you need to go through each holder to manage its items.

Please post your comments/questions about How to Manage Your Mail.

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