Home Office Filing Tips

by Tina on August 31, 2010

There are a million different ways to organize your home office filing system. And, there’s no one right way to do it. It’s easy for me to customize a system that works better for a client once I know their needs. Absent me coming to your home, here are some tips that can improve your home office filing system.

  1. Use category names instead of vendor names for vendors that are likely to change (e.g. “Pest Control” rather than “Terminix” or “Yates-Astro”; other examples might be Pets, Investments, Mortgage, Phone, Insurance, etc.)
  2. Use subcategory names – speaking of Insurance, here’s a category that would benefit from subcategories (e.g. Insurance-Health, Insurance-Life, Insurance-Car, Insurance-Homeowners, etc.; similarly it’s a good idea to have Taxes-2010, Taxes-2009, Taxes-2008, etc.)
  3. Use appropriate long-term storage – speaking of Taxes, here’s a category that lends itself to long-term storage. You don’t need to keep Tax files that are older than three years in your primary filing area. Those older files should be in your “archive” filing area (garage, attic, basement, extra closet, underbed, etc. – wherever you know that you can safely store them away from a daily use area)

Use these tips, and customize them to meet your needs.  You’ll find your files will be more accessible. You can do this.

“…searched for their family records, but they could not find them…” Ezra 2:62 (New International Version)

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