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by Tina on August 31, 2010

Are you an “out of sight, out of mind” personality? If you file things away, do they disappear from your mind entirely? Hot Files might help keep you more organized.

My son, a senior in high school, had two stacking trays in which he was trying to keep track of everything. It wasn’t working. So, I recommended a Hot File area and some categories. Here was his customized solution.

Examples for a Teenager

  • Work (employment documents, assignments, etc.)
  • Church (events he’s helping plan, devotionals, etc.)
  • College Applications (applications in process, resume, essays, etc.)
  • Kudos (awards, certificates, birthday cards, etc. – to encourage him when he needs it)

He still puts his incoming, unprocessed mail in the top stacking tray, using it as his “Inbox”. I’m not sure what he’s using the bottom tray for yet. 🙂 Oh wait, you say you’re not a Teenager…?

Examples for an Adult

  • To Pay (bills to pay)
  • To Read (magazines, flyers, invitations, etc.)
  • To File (you’ve already addressed these items, they just need to be filed)
  • To Shred (items you’ve identified as needing to be shredded)
  • Waiting on Someone Else (items-in-waiting, you are depending on someone else for the next step for these)

Try out some Hot Files for yourself. You can display these on your desktop in a “Step File” (see picture above) or in the front section of your filing cabinet. Keep us posted on how they help. You can do this.

“…I will see it and remember…” Genesis 9:16 (New International Version)

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