Menu Planning Ideas

by Tina on September 1, 2010

Someone asks, “What’s for dinner?Your heart sinks. Why would they think you would know? 🙂 You’re just the lady of the house. Here are some ideas to get your dinner motor running.

  1. List the Top 5 Meals that Your Family Enjoys. Make a shopping list of the needed items including sides. Keep it on hand for when you’re feeling less than creative.
  2. List the Top 5 (___________) Meals that Your Family Enjoys (e.g. fill in the blank with either Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian, Pork, Seafood, Etc.). Again, make a shopping list of the needed items including sides. Now, you have lots of meal ideas on hand.
  3. Create a Month-of-Meals Calendar Record. On your calendar (electronic, paper, whatever), note what you make for dinner each night for a month. Use that as a guideline to plan the next month of meals. You can substitute for meals that were less-than-favorites, for variety’s sake, for ease-of-scheduling (ballgame night or long evening at home) or depending on what meats were on sale on your last grocery store visit.
  4. Use a Meal Preparation Franchise (e.g. Dream Dinners, My Menu, The Dinner A Fare, etc.) to assemble your own meals or have the franchise do it for you.
  5. Try for all things menu planning. They can help from soup to nuts: meal planning; weekly menu mailers; cooking in the crock crock cooker, vegetarian, frugal, regular, body clutter, pressure cooker, working woman’s cookbook, pizza, cook once eat twice, five for the freezer, ten for the freezer, twenty for the freezer, weight loss, detox, gluten free, etc. Love them!

Well, now you have plenty of options. Try one! Let us know how it goes. You can do this.

“…she provides food for her family…” Proverbs 31:15 (New International Version)

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